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Our friends at the Foundation for Economic Education have started a From The Archives blog. The intent is to pull content from their substantial archives (featuring many famous economists such as F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard and more) and show how those words are still relevant today. Here’s an excerpt from the latest post by Nicholas Snow, which ties directly with the theme of our Sound Money Project.

“On September 22, 1947 Newsweek published a short article by Henry Hazlitt entitled “Lenin Was Right”. I searched in vain to find a copy of this online. Fortunately FEE’s archives contain a rough draft of this article, which can be found here. I personally found the title very intriguing. Where could Vladimir Lenin (the Bolshevik revolutionary and follower of Karl Marx) and Henry Hazlitt (the classical liberal journalist and follower of Ludwig Von Mises) possibly find common ground?” Read more.

“Lenin (and Hazlitt) Was Right”
Nicholas Snow
FEE, From the Archives, February 1, 2010.

Tom Duncan

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