– March 20, 2019

Edward C. Harwood (1900-1980) is one of the 20th century’s most eloquent and effective voices for economic science, sound money, and market freedom. He explained credit cycles at the start of the Great Depression. He resisted the New Deal. He debated John Maynard Keynes on economic theory. He resisted wartime censorship with courageous defiance. 

In 1933, he founded the first independent research institute in the United States, the American Institute for Economic Research, which today remains a home for excellence in scholarship, teaching, and commentary. 

This is the story of his life and work.

Script of this film is based on writings of Fred Harwood and Katy Delay. Script is prepared by Jeffrey Tucker and Phil Magness. The film is made by Taleed Brown, videographer of AIER. It features Edward Stringham, Pete Earle, and Bruce Gore, with narration by Jeffrey Tucker. See additional credits at documentary end for music, images, and more. 

Taleed Brown


Taleed Brown, Media Production Specialist at AIER, is a creative professional with experience in digital marketing and content creation. He is Co-founder of Atlanta based startup Bespoke Black Media and has a YouTube channel with more than 5 million collective views. He’s been featured on The Rubin Report, FEE.org, and has spoken at the Anarchapulco conference.

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