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…Sound Money = 0

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The lecture series is complete and Ben can creep back behind the green curtain once again. Today’s lecture focused on the aftermath of the crisis and a quick summary of just where Bernanke believes the recovery lies – Fed 95: Government 11. Unfortunately the word ‘Progress’ only appears once. When we asked Wordle to consider the speech, it gave us back what appeared to be a deus-ex-machina created tear-drop shape – somewhat ironic perhaps. Interestingly the words ‘Credit Backs Just Markets’ were at the very top of the pyramid and that led to the ‘Financial Economy’ making it clear just what is going on here. In an echo back to the last lecture on the crisis itself, there is some subliminal messaging with the phrase ‘Mortgage Regulators Housing Crisis‘ appearing spookily close together. Rest assured though, Ben is not entirely self-aggrandizing as he used the word ‘tool‘ a magnificent 30 times. Full presentation embedded in all its glory…

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