– November 7, 2014

Most of the team of the Atlas Sound Money Project attended the Cato Institute Monetary Conference. Dr. Judy Shelton, co-director of the project spoke on “Building an Orderly and Ethical International Monetary System,” Senior fellow, Dr. Jerry L. Jordan, who knows more than any other person I know how the Fed interacts with banks spoke on “The Role of Gold in a Market-Based Monetary System” and former Atlas trustee Dr. Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. presented a paper on “Monetary Reform: Process and Substance.”

Several members of the Sound Money Project team, including talented young academics Nicolás Cachanosky, winner of the 2nd Prize in the Mont Pelerin Society Hayek Essay contest, William Luther (Kenyon College), Thomas Hogan (Troy University, and Gonzalo Schwarz (Atlas Network) were able to network and strategize about how best to embark on the road to sound money.

Congratulations and gratitude to James A. Dorn, George Selgin, John Allison, and others for the outstanding conference.

Sound Money team

Alex Chafuen

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