May 4, 2015 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Alexander W. Salter

It has truly been an exciting year for the Atlas Network’s Sound Money Project and Washington’s monetary policy community. From meetings with Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen to the opening of new monetary policy centers, SMP has been at the forefront- thanks, in great part, to the quality work and dedication of our fellows. This has not only translated into a thriving web page, a growing sound money coalition and many successful events, but also real world wins in Washington, such as Thomas Hogan’s recent appointment to the SBC.

It is, therefore, with much excitement that I would like to announce that Dr. Alexander W. Salter will be joining our team as a Sound Money Project fellow.

Dr. Salter is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Berry College. He earned his Ph.D. from George Mason University in May of 2014, where he studied under Dr. Lawrence H. White. Dr. Salter’s research interests include the political economy of central banking, NGDP targeting, and free banking. His research on monetary economics has been published, or is forthcoming, in several scholarly journals, such as the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, the Journal of Financial Services Research, and Constitutional Political Economy.  His popular writing has been featured in outlets such as RealClearPolitics and U.S. News and World Report.

We at the Sound Money Project are excited to have Dr. Salter become part of our team as we are confident that his work will help to advance our mission of raising awareness about the problems of our current monetary system and help guide the minds of policy makers and thought leaders alike.

Welcome aboard, Alexander!

Johannes Schmidt

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