October 1, 2015 Reading Time: 2 minutes

AIER materials are now available online in more than 500 libraries in Massachusetts. The distribution through the Massachusetts Library System went live September 23, and is part of the Institute’s new partnership with Biblioboard, an electronic library subscription service.

The electronic AIER library archive currently contains more than 200 articles and books from the past five years.  Over the summer, Suzanne Hermann, AIER’s librarian, organized and posted the materials on the Biblioboard site.

The publications represent the full range of AIER offerings, from scholarly economic studies to general interest books on personal finance. The publications also include the Institute’s monthly analyses of the business cycle and reports on our proprietary Everyday Price Index.

The Institute will expand the archive annually to add more recent publications.

As a member of Massachusetts Library System, AIER provided its materials to the system free of charge. Libraries outside of Massachusetts will be able to access the AIER archive through their Biblioboard subscriptions.  

If you have a library membership with a public library in Massachusetts, as well as some academic and private libraries, ask your librarian for a login with Biblioboard to gain access these materials. If you live out of state, ask your local library if they have a Biblioboard subscription.

Steve Spohn, the resource sharing director for the Massachusetts system, was on AIER’s campus September 30 to personally thank Suzanne for the work she did to make AIER books and articles more easily available to library patrons in the state. Additionally, AIER’s collection was featured as the lead story in the September issue of the MLS eBook Connection newsletter. He also said that he talked up AIER’s collection during a recent visit with librarians in the Newton school system.

AIER’s contribution to the electronic Biblioboard offerings was especially welcome, he said, because AIER is the first Special Library in Massachusetts to participate in its ebook program. A Special Library is one that is not a traditional academic, public, or school library.

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