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American Institute for Economic Research educates Americans on the value of personal freedom, free enterprise, property rights, limited government and sound money. AIER’s ongoing scientific research demonstrates the importance of these principles in advancing peace, prosperity and human progress. 

Current Economy

AIER produces timely and in-depth analyses of trends affecting the national economy. Each month we offer an accurate read of current conditions and a reliable near-term outlook for business growth, inflation, and capital markets, and report on the results of our on-going research.

How the Economy Works

AIER research reports present clear and objective analyses of how the economy works. Our reports offer timeless insights into business cycles, money and inflation, and the economics of government policy.

Personal Economics

AIER's reports offer clear and useful insights into the economic aspects of everyday life. Our publications show how to apply economic reasoning to important decisions that affect your economic and financial security through every stage of your life.

Economic Education

AIER brings practical and useful knowledge of economics and financial planning to people of all ages. High School teachers, domestic violence survivors, college students and post-graduate economists benefit from our education programs. Support our mission by donating today.

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AIER is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and your contribution is tax deductible. AIER's planned giving programs offer donors a lifetime income plan for up to three generations.

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