To Stay Alive, Liberalism Must Reject Welfarism and Socialism

What needs rethinking is not capitalism – much less the ideals of universal human rights and liberties – but the corruption of liberalism by a state that knows no limits to its...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Jun 16, 2019

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In Defense of the Teaching Mission

“Only through constant iteration,” wrote Herbert Spencer, “can alien truths be implanted upon reluctant minds.” My teacher James M. Buchanan often repeated this in class back in the...
Peter Boettke- Jun 16, 2019

Martin Feldstein Is Dead, Long Live His Critique of Social Security

Martin “Marty” Feldstein (pronounced Feld-stine), long a Harvard economics professor and head of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the other major economic think tank based in...
Robert E. Wright- Jun 15, 2019

Is Facebook’s Libra the Dollar’s Killer App?

Facebook changed the way we communicate, interact, and gather information. You don’t have to love all the results. But the reality of the shift in our lives is undeniable. Will Facebook...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Jun 15, 2019

Retail Sales and Industrial Production Rise in May; Consumer Sentiment Falls in Early June

Retail sales and food services rose 0.5 percent in May, following an upwardly revised 0.3 percent gain in April. The May increase was the third rise in a row and fourth in the last five...
Robert Hughes- Jun 14, 2019

New Evidence that Soaring Inequality is a Myth

According to a dominant political narrative of the past several years, inequality in the United States is spiraling out of control. A few lonely voices, me included, have questioned the...
Phillip W. Magness- Jun 14, 2019

Bernie Sanders’s Messed Idea of Requiring Employee Ownership

Sen. Bernie Sanders recently announced that “his campaign is working on a plan to require large businesses to regularly contribute a portion of their stocks to a fund controlled by...
William J. Luther- Jun 14, 2019

Incredibly, that Overtime Regulation Is Back

One of the many problems with people who make decisions for us about how we should live our lives is that they have no principles. Even those who claim to be defenders of free markets...
Veronique de Rugy- Jun 14, 2019

June Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Leading Indicators index rose 12 points to a neutral reading of 50 in May, up from 38 in April. The Roughly Coincident Indicators index and the Lagging Indicators index both fell, to...
Robert Hughes- Jun 14, 2019

The Constitution Gives the Trade Power to Congress Alone

So, there will not be tariffs on imports from Mexico… for now. Trump’s threat two weeks ago to raise tariffs (taxes) on goods imported from Mexico caught the world by surprise. The plan...
Raymond C. Niles- Jun 14, 2019


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