Elizabeth Warren and the Economics of Magical Thinking

I’d take whatever Bernie Sanders calls socialism over accountable capitalism any day, because rather than starve the dynamic private sector of resources, Elizabeth Warren’s vision...
Max Gulker- Sep 16, 2019

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Bitcoin, Like Gold, is a Product of Spontaneous Order

Two weeks ago, I had the good fortune of giving a series of talks on different subjects in Reykjavik, Iceland. Among the topics were Neutral Moresnet, the apparent coming of the age of...
Peter C. Earle - Sep 16, 2019

In Markets, Your Vote Counts; in Politics, Not So Much

In nearly 40 years of teaching, I’ve learned that students predictably react with hostility if told that none of their individual votes in political elections will ever determine the...
Donald J. Boudreaux- Sep 16, 2019

Face It, We Are All Spoiled

We think of kids today as uniquely spoiled. Their phones, their cars, their lazy lives, their sense of entitlement, their endless whining for more.  It’s all true. But maybe that’s been...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Sep 15, 2019

Mises's Human Action After 70 Years

September 15, 2019, marks 70 years since the appearance of Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, one of the truly great “classics” of modern economics. Too often a “...
Richard M. Ebeling- Sep 15, 2019

Favoritism Trumps Scholarship in Academic Hiring

A dear friend of mine sent me the following lamentations some months ago and wondered where s/he/it/they could publish it anonymously (hence the pronouns … I also jiggered some of the...
Robert E. Wright- Sep 15, 2019

The Return of the Century Bond

When your regular purchases or much-desired iPhones are on sale, you splurge. Taking advantage of a discount or a temporary sale for a product you want or had planned to buy anyway is a...
Joakim Book- Sep 15, 2019

Cruise Ships Respond to Dorian, Hauling Doctors and Supplies to the Bahamas

Voluntary exchange is an ancient practice, and the idea of economics as the science dealing with private property and business enterprises is older than you might think. That’s because...
Chloe Anagnos- Sep 13, 2019

Retail Sales Rise in August As Online Shopping Gains

Retail sales and food-services spending increased 0.4 percent in August following a 0.8 percent gain in July. Over the past year, total retail sales and food services were up 3.4 percent...
Robert Hughes- Sep 13, 2019

You Can’t Create Jobs by Outlawing Work

The difference between contractors and employees is important. A “contractor,” from the Latin verb to draw together different things, is someone who brings their own tools and skills, and...
Michael Munger- Sep 13, 2019

More Aid to Education Will Not Make It More Affordable

With outstanding student loan debt for the country at more than $1.6 trillion, Democratic presidential hopefuls are now fully engaged in a contest of upping each other in who can promise...

Yang's Concerns Over Automation Are Overwrought

Every story needs a villain, and the most popular villain recently in economic policy circles is automation. Andrew Yang, by no means a flawless presidential candidate, seems to be the...
Sean Stein Smith- Sep 12, 2019

Andrew Yang’s Examples of Successful UBI are Privately Provided

Andrew Yang, presidential hopeful, is unusually articulate about work, changed economic conditions, and the failures of existing welfare. He is garnering an unusual amount of support...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Sep 12, 2019


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