The Film Capitalism Needs Right Now

Something tells me that if we are ever going to regain the footing in public culture, the Brooks path might be the one to make it happen.
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Aug 24, 2019

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Single-Family-Housing Market Remains in a Flat Trend

Sales of new single-family homes fell 12.8 percent in July to a 635,000 seasonally adjusted annual rate, reversing a 20.9 percent surge last month. From a year ago, total sales are up 4.3...
Robert Hughes- Aug 23, 2019

Judy Shelton and the Dual Mandate Debate

The debate over the Fed’s dual mandate was reignited recently after Judy Shelton, an economic advisor to President Trump who is being considered for the Fed’s Board of Governors,...

Krugman and the Goldbugs

The announcement that President Trump would nominate Judy Shelton, a long-time advocate of the gold standard, for a seat on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors got Paul Krugman...

Risk, Uncertainty, and the Probability of Recession 

Smart market watchers, like the AIER and freelance journalist (and my coauthor on The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter) Simon Constable, continuously scan...
Robert E. Wright- Aug 23, 2019

The Courage to Be Utopian

Hayek famously penned the essay "Why I Am Not a Conservative.” I have often argued that folks need to read that essay in conjunction with his "Errors of Constructivism" to get a good...
Peter Boettke- Aug 22, 2019

No, the Business Roundtable Did Not Repudiate Capitalism

On August 19, the Business Roundtable made headlines by “redefining” the principles and purpose of corporate governance. Headlines across the world proclaimed a new era of “responsible”...
Anthony Gill- Aug 22, 2019

Tariffs Accelerate Trucking and Shipping Slide

Trucking and transportation firms more broadly are both seasonal and cyclical businesses, and some of the earliest signs of damage from the current administration’s trade war with China...
Peter C. Earle - Aug 22, 2019

A Book and a Message that Can Save the World

I am so happy to present to you a book that can save the US and the world. In fact, I think this book by the great Richard Ebeling – his writing is beloved by readers of – is a...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Aug 21, 2019

Existing-Home Sales Continue Recovery in July

Sales of existing homes rose 2.5 percent in July to a 5.42 million seasonally adjusted annual rate. Sales are up just 0.6 percent from a year ago but remain 3.9 percent below the recent...
Robert Hughes- Aug 21, 2019

Tariff Threats Yield Money for Nothing for Government

President Trump’s recently announced expansion of tariffs on Chinese goods, along with the later revision specifying implementation dates and which goods will be covered, brings to mind...
Bruce Yandle- Aug 21, 2019

Slavery Did Not Make America Richer

Slaves sitting near their cabins on a Port Royal, South Carolina plantation after the arrival of Union forces in late 1861. Timothy O'Sullivan, photographed the slaves in April 1862.  ...
Vincent Geloso- Aug 21, 2019

The Best Lack Conviction; The Worst Have Passionate Intensity

Human beings have contradictory impulses. On the one hand, we want to be “free”; on the other, we want to be led, and by a powerful and charismatic leader. Howard Nemerov put it puckishly...
Michael Munger- Aug 20, 2019


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