Regulations are Bringing Back Dirt, Filth, and Disease

We thought these bad old days of dirt, filth, and disease were gone forever. Now they are coming back, gradually, regulation by regulation.

Jeffrey A. Tucker – January 17, 2020

The Surreal Logic of Trump’s Trade Deal

President Donald Trump’s tariffs-first trade policy against China has unequivocally harmed the majority of people and businesses in both countries since its inception just under two years ago.  There’s the estimated $46 billion in new taxes direct …

– January 17, 2020
January BCM

January Business Conditions Monthly

The AIER Leading Indicators index gave back the small gain from November, leaving the index just slightly above neutral for the fifth consecutive month.

– January 16, 2020
Retail Sales

Broad-based Gains for Retail Sales in December

Retail-sales and initial-claims data indicate consumer spending is rising, supported by a robust labor market.

– January 16, 2020

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

The latest consumer price index report marks the end of a nearly seven-year bet with my dissertation advisor — a bet that I have officially won.

– January 16, 2020
david hart

The Essence of Bastiat: David Hart’s Farewell Tour of the U.S. (Video)

  As the home of the Bastiat Society, the work of Frederic Bastiat is especially meaningful to AIER. As such, we were overjoyed to welcome David M. Hart, one of the world’s foremost scholars on Bastiat, to speak on the life and times of our favori …

– January 16, 2020

Planning and the Pokemon Problem

People solve the Pokemon problem and show that they are potential trading partners who won’t take advantage of others by tending to their reputations.

– January 16, 2020

The 2019 Sound Money Project Essay Contest Winners

What are the merits of returning to the gold standard? Is such a system feasible today?

– January 15, 2020

Edward Stringham on Trends and Ideas of Our Time (Video)

AIER’s President Edward Stringham, Laura Fink (Democratic strategist), and Eric Beach (Co-chair of Great America Alliance) join a panel hosted by Connell Mcshane and Neal Cavuto to talk about all the important political and economic events of the day. …

– January 15, 2020

The Best Way to Help Haitians? Help Them Get Out of Haiti

I hope that our children someday look back on restrictions on immigration with the same revulsion and disgust with which we look at slavery.

– January 15, 2020

State Capacity, Economic Growth, and Reverse Causality

The problem is that, from a research perspective, there are important reasons to keep off the state capacity bandwagon, even if doing so would be ideologically congenial.

– January 14, 2020
Everyday Price Index

Everyday Price Index Unchanged in December

AIER’s Everyday Price Index was unchanged in December but is up 2.1 percent for the year, the fastest pace since October 2018.

– January 14, 2020

New and Improved Economics? Don’t Believe It

The New Yorker’s January 13th, 2020, issue features a full-page ad for Richard Robb’s new book, Willful. At the top of this ad we read in large, two-color print that “Willful is a breakthrough in economics,” and near the bottom is a blurb from Nobel-la …

– January 14, 2020


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