How Liberalism Can Survive Left-Right Polarization

We need to form in our minds a beautiful vision of the society and world we want to inhabit, not in its detailed operation like the central planners, and not as an end state like the socialist utopians, but in its ever-evolving institutions that serve human well being above all else.

Jeffrey A. Tucker – February 19, 2020

Positive Surprise for Manufacturing

The latest Empire State Manufacturing Survey suggests the manufacturing sector may be rebounding but the outlook remains uncertain.

– February 18, 2020

Dollarization in Ecuador after 20 Years

In January, Ecuador celebrated its 20th anniversary of dollarization. The Bastiat Society of Guayaquil and the Instituto  Ecuatoriano de Economia Política organized a conference to discuss the pros and cons of Ecuador’s monetary regime. Internatio …

– February 18, 2020

Happy 90th Birthday, Professor Israel Kirzner!

Even in an era when modern medicine and technologies are adding to people’s lifetimes, along with the gains in general human economic betterment, it still stands as a notable event when someone marks their 90th birthday. On February 13th, renowned “Aus …

– February 18, 2020

The Attempt to Suffocate Huawei Is Foolish and Destined to Fail

Readers of this column are familiar with this historical truth, but it’s worth repeating in light of the ongoing conservative crack-up over Chinese communications giant Huawei. For clarity on the matter, it should be stated right away that if you’re se …

– February 18, 2020

What Brilliant TikTok Reveals about Human Creativity

I used to make it a habit to try out all the latest social technology, if only to observe its function, rules, and contribution to the culture. That habit stopped last year during the “techlash:” I too found myself convinced that we’ve probably overind …

– February 17, 2020

Your Pessimism Is Ridiculously Inaccurate

The incessant drumbeat of negativity about the U.S. economy and about globalization – and the blinkered focus on problems (real and only apparent) divorced from the larger context of the economy’s successes and of Americans’ stupendous prosperity – gives us a dangerously inaccurate sense of the state of the economy and of ordinary men’s and women’s relationship to it.

– February 17, 2020

The Astonishing Spending Promises of the Political Class (Video)

“Nothing can enter the public treasury for the benefit of one citizen or one class,” wrote Frederic Bastiat, “unless other citizens and other classes have been forced to send it in.” This is a good way to think about the spending plans of politicians. …

– February 16, 2020

How To Disguise a Budget Increase as a Cut

The bottom line is that there is nothing historic about this budget, or these cuts. When we look at it in the cold light of reality, it is just the same big spending, unbelievable assumptions, and fiscal irresponsibility that have, dismayingly, become commonplace.

– February 15, 2020
Retail sales

Retail Spending Remains Close to Trend in January

Retail sales were solid in January suggesting continued economic expansion remains the most likely path.

– February 14, 2020

Fedophilia: The Intellectual Disease and Cure

When most monetary economists talk about the virtues of this or that central bank, they’re mostly talking through their hats, because they haven’t a clue concerning what other institutions might be present, and what they might be up to if the central bank wasn’t there.

– February 14, 2020

Break Up Amazon? There’s No Point

Antitrust of the sort dreamed about by left and right today dates from an era of confidence in scientific management of industrial structure through government power. The record is of unrelenting failure.

– February 14, 2020
Everyday Price Index

Everyday Prices Rise on Gains in Food and Communication Services

AIER’s Everyday Price Index rose 0.3 percent in January after being unchanged in December.

– February 13, 2020


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