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These Regulations Are Making Truckers Less Safe — and Your Amazon Prime Membership More Costly

Indianapolis commuters are in for a treat on Thursday when truck drivers take it to Interstate 465 to protest regulations making their jobs too inflexible. Truckers involved in the “slow...
Chloe Anagnos- Feb 19, 2019

#FightFor15 N.Y. Fast-Food Workers: We’re Being Unfairly Fired

When supporters of minimum wage increases argued that entry-level workers were not getting paid enough to support their families, experts warned that forcing employers to increase the...
Chloe Anagnos- Feb 19, 2019

Who Can Claim Credit for the Karl Marx Monument?

Over the weekend, vandals attacked a monument to Karl Marx near his grave in London’s Highgate Cemetery. It was the second such attack in less than a month. While the first attempted to...
Phillip W. Magness- Feb 19, 2019

Why You Have to Bus Your Own Table

People assume that workers who will “get a raise” with higher minimum wages in effect in several states. But will people—potential low-income workers especially—be better off in the long...
Art Carden- Feb 19, 2019

The Nightmare Fairyland of the Green New Dealers

When a small child runs around waving their arms saying, “I’m a bird, I’m a bird,” we often will say what a creative imagination they have. If an adult runs around doing the same, we...
Richard M. Ebeling- Feb 18, 2019

Bastiat: Storyteller and Theorist

Frédéric Bastiat (1801-50) is known today among economists — if he is known at all — as at best a brilliant polemicist. An economic theorist he most certainly was not — such is the common...
Donald J. Boudreaux- Feb 18, 2019


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