The Decisive Voice

Yours may well be the decisive voice — the final increment of weight that shifts the balance and brings our ship of state, indeed our civilization, to survival course.
E.C. Harwood- Apr 20, 2019

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Climate Activism: An Ideology in Search of a Justification

From roughly the 1960s to the mid-2000s, the American environmentalist movement aggressively espoused a concept known as “peak oil” as its primary justification for reducing fossil fuel...
Phillip W. Magness- Apr 19, 2019

The Gold Standard, FDR, and the Recovery of 1933

There is no more heavily debated topic within macroeconomics than the causes of the Great Depression and why it came to an end. Even 80 years later, theories abound. And new theories keep...
Brian C. Albrecht- Apr 19, 2019

Retail Sales Growth Rebounds in March While Initial Claims Hold Near Record Low

Retail sales and food services jumped 1.6 percent in March, following a 0.2 percent decline in February. Over the past year, they are up 3.6 percent. Core retail sales, which excludes...
Robert Hughes- Apr 18, 2019

Another Stack of Books You Should Read

Donald J. Boudreaux’s March 4 list “Books on Liberty That You Haven’t Read but Should” inspired me to create my own list of books you probably haven’t read but should. Here’s the list,...
Art Carden- Apr 17, 2019

Bourbon Exports: Casualty of the Trade War

It’s a cornerstone of political economy that producers and traders need stable rules. In this sense, it is like sports. Imagine golf or baseball in which the commissioner or course owner...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Apr 17, 2019

We Should All Regulate Facebook and Google

Our economy depends on the continued forward march of technological progress. But with this growth come new problems and, inevitably, new regulation. We must ensure that this regulation...
Max Gulker- Apr 17, 2019


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