Economic Development Deals Are a Curse, Not a Blessing

“Bribing businesses to locate in your state is not free enterprise; it’s a form of cronyism. It turns what should be a competitive process between firms into a political competition between states. The first step toward winning is to stop losing.” ~ Stephen C. Miller

– March 24, 2023

DC’s Dim-Witted Lightbulb Moment

“In Mercantilist Europe, and in the ever-murkier swamps of Washington, DC, cozy relations between industry and government result in such price-fixing contrivances and anti-public conspiracies being issued by regulation as well.” ~ Laura Williams

– March 24, 2023

Fed Raises Rate, But Signals Potential Pause in May

“In 2021 they were looking for help from recovering supply chains. Now, they are looking for help from tight financial markets. It’s time FOMC members help themselves — or, God help us all.” ~ William J. Luther

– March 23, 2023

Words & Numbers: Peter C. Earle On The Death of Silicon Valley Bank

“Peter C. Earle, AIER Research Faculty and former Wall Street trader, joins AIER Senior Editor James Harrigan and Antony Davies on the Words & Numbers podcast to talk about what happened to Silicon Valley Bank.” ~ AIER

Moral hazard is a fact of life. The Fed should focus on inflation.

“To the shame of two generations of economists-turned-policy-advisors, moral hazard is a fact of life. We don’t need to add permanent dollar depreciation to this mess.” ~ Alexander William Salter

– March 23, 2023

Liberalism Needs No Enemies

“Minds can be creative or destructive. Be right-minded. Stop justifying grievances. Embrace liberalism. Value voluntary cooperation; as you help others flourish, you will flourish.” ~ Barry Brownstein

– March 22, 2023

Business Conditions Monthly March 2023

“The AIER Leading Indicator remained essentially neutral in February 2023, maintaining the level of 58 from the previous month. Our Roughly Coincident Indicator rose from 50 to 92 in February 2023, with the Lagging Indicator falling from 50 to 33.” ~ Peter C. Earle

– March 22, 2023

Who Owns Alexander Hamilton?

“Perhaps the most important thing to understand about Alexander Hamilton today, however, is that he did not, repeat, did not, espouse massive government, militarism, or protective tariffs.” ~ Robert E. Wright

– March 22, 2023

People Should be “Seething Mad” Over COVID – And Much More

“The government’s authoritarian COVID policies are just the most visible proof that it’s a terrible idea to turn anything of importance over to government control.” ~ George Leef

– March 21, 2023

The Calling of Classical Liberal Researchers: Remind Your Neighbor

“Classical liberals who lead research endeavors need to persuade not only fellow researchers, but the audience of the research, including the anti-liberal minefield of academia.” ~ Daniel B. Klein

– March 21, 2023


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