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It’s Time to Discard Piketty’s Inequality Statistics

“As the study and measurement of inequality progresses, Piketty’s (and his team’s) main estimates have become obsolete and might be properly consigned to the field of the history of economic thought.” ~Phil Magness & Vincent Geloso

The Red Pill for Pill Ad Headaches

“Suppose all Americans and Kiwis look to their own self-interest by avoiding advertised drugs whenever possible. In that case, drug manufacturers would have an incentive to stop DTCA of their own accord.” ~Robert E. Wright

The Miracles of Human Cooperation Are Hidden in Plain Sight

“Humans cooperate and communicate in miraculous ways through the mechanism of the price system. If you believe someone must be in charge of coordinating human action, you will never notice the marvels all around you.” ~Barry Brownstein

Revisiting the Argument that Government is Too Small

“A balanced rebuttal to false and misleading claims will tend to be ineffective at reaching voters, which in turn makes deceptive political advertising more successful, over-expanding government.” ~Gary M. Galles

Politicians’ Job Training and College Sales Pitch is Snake Oil

“Are job training programs actually providing useful training to the people affected by foreign trade? Don’t ask lawmakers. They’d prefer that people give them credit for the intent and ignore questions about outcomes.” ~James M. Hohman

Johan Norberg’s The Capitalist Manifesto: A Review

“What matters for the capitalist story to flourish is that its effect on the world continues to be positive, not whether market actors believe it while embodying its principles.” ~Joakim Book