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Untold Story: One Man’s Battle Against Nazi Ideology

On this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand and Samuel Gregg discuss the life and ideas of Wilhelm Röpke, an economics professor who was exiled from Germany in the 1930s for defending liberty and opposing the National Socialists.

After Veterans Day

“One would be hard-pressed to defend a military action in recent decades that has had a demonstrably immediate connection to protecting our way of life.” ~Paul Schwennesen

Fake Meat: More Entrée or Agenda?  

“The plant-based alternatives industry appears to be facing its first true market test and doing poorly. It is a much smaller market than producers perceived, due to the noisy signals and political distortions of Conspicuous Production.” ~Phillip W. Magness and Peter C. Earle

Argentina’s Rampant Inflation, Explained (in One Chart)

“Whichever definition one prefers to use — an expansion of the money supply which leads to price increases, or a broad and sustained increase in consumer prices — inflation is caused by the governments and central banks who control the money supply.” ~Jon Miltimore

A Short Guide to ESG: Goals

“ESG goals are not primarily about shareholder value and enterprise value. The goals are often counter to the interests of shareholders and large segments of society.” ~Paul Mueller

Business Conditions Monthly October 2023

“While we continue to impartially and vigilantly assess incoming data, our current analysis still points to a recession occurring before September 2024 as the most probable scenario.” ~Peter C. Earle

Let the Market, Not Government, Decide the Fate of EVs

“Both for equity and economic efficiency, government inducements to hasten the number of EVs or charging stations are a bad idea. Governments can better spend taxpayers’ monies. EVs have a promising future.” ~Kenneth W. Costello

What Might Have Been

“Wasteful uses of resources necessarily result in some economic opportunities that are possible being rendered impossible. What were these foregone opportunities?” ~Donald J. Boudreaux

Even More Ways to Cook The Benefit-Cost Analysis Books

“In disciplining our thinking to make better decisions, benefit-cost analysis also teaches those determined to mislead others how to do that better. Knowing how to do it ‘right’ also provides a template for how to be wrong in the desired direction.” ~Gary M. Galles