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Want to Pay More Tax? You Can

“Congress has also budgeted for $1.7 trillion of deficit spending for the current fiscal year; over 26,000 times as much money as has been donated to the Gifts to Reduce the Public Debt account over the past 29 years combined.” ~David Hebert

Milei’s New Monetary Regime for Argentina

“Despite its controversial nature, full dollarization remains the monetary regime with the most potential for long-term stability in Argentina. It offers a credible pathway to restore confidence and put the country back on a sustainable economic trajectory.” ~Nicolás Cachanosky

GOP Trade Platform Would Penalize Forgotten Americans 

“The GOP platform calls for new Buy American restrictions, but this is just warmed-over Bidenomics. The Peterson Institute calculates that Buy American measures cost US taxpayers $94 billion in 2017.” ~Bryan Riley

Civil Discourse and Political Reality

“It is one thing to dislike someone’s policies and argue against them in a civil discourse, discussing the merits and consequences of their proposals. But there is no place to demonize and so diminish the character of a candidate.” ~Will Sellers

Investors are Not to Blame for the Priciest Housing in History 

“As of Q1 2024, investor purchases are below levels experienced seven years ago. As it turns out, rising interest rates impact the ability of investors to deploy capital profitably, just as this environment makes it difficult for families to acquire a home.” ~Joel Griffith

Medicare’s Real Contribution: Hollowing Out Healthcare

“Declining reimbursement rates, on top of losses in purchasing power, result in reduced access to care, as some physicians have limited the number of Medicare patients they accept or have stopped accepting new Medicare patients altogether.” ~Peter C. Earle

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