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Another Dismal Tax Day: Can It Drive Fiscal Reform?

“The pain and uncertainty from an ever-changing federal progressive marginal individual income tax system with forced withholding and payment or refund later are destructive.” ~Vance Ginn

‘Shock Values’: An Idiosyncratic Economic History

“While it provides a concise accounting of the many efforts taken to address inflation and deflation over the history of the republic, there is a cost to recounting such a rich history in so few pages.” ~Paul H. Kupiec

Economic Development is not a Zero-Sum Game 

“By equating profit-making, as such, with evidence of greed and immorality, [the Vatican] perpetuates the harmful zero-sum mentality of mercantilism and socialism. ” ~John C. Pinheiro

How the US Treasury Induced a New Era of Swiss Monetary Policy

“Central bankers are told that their domestic monetary policy obligations…must be balanced with or even subjugated to currency management practices that accommodate American exporters and competitors more broadly.” ~Mariana F. Trujillo and Peter C. Earle

The Middleman Is a Public Servant

“Letting people make their own choices is an important part of respecting one another as free equals… We don’t help people by prohibiting the choices they actually make.” ~Art Carden

Look With Two Is

“Look at institutional arrangements as they actually play out, making the comparison by looking through two Is: information and incentives.” ~Michael Munger