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Business Conditions Monthly December 2023

“Inflation expectations have edged higher, raising concerns about the erosion of purchasing power and living standards. In the lead-up to the November presidential elections, policymakers and market participants will closely monitor future economic data releases to gauge the trajectory of inflation and its implications for the broader economy.” ~Peter C. Earle

E Unum Pluribus?

“A divisive diversity of special rights and special treatment for those favored by government must necessarily come at the expense of equal rights for all.” ~Gary M. Galles

Harwood Economic Review 90 Years of New Perils

AIER’s dedication to classical liberalism drives us to address both long standing and unforeseen challenges to American values. This issue tackles emergent threats to freedom: wokism, growing Fed mandates, and ESG among others. As threats to liberty expand, our commitment to safeguarding fundamental American ideals does as well.

Industrial Policy Indignities

“Some low-value-added manufacturing, once economically sensible to do stateside, should now take place elsewhere. The alternative is tying up American workers in less-than-productive jobs.” ~David B. McGarry

Emergent Order in Inner Space

“In other words, the hand is invisible not because it is deftly hiding in the shadows, but because it isn’t there at all.” ~Paul Schwennesen

Coats, Pencils, and Division of Knowledge

“‘Wonder’ is not too strong a word to describe a social process that allows us to get so much bread and so much clothing for so little sweat of our brows.” ~Art Carden

China is Scaring Away Investors

“Xi expects business as well as people to serve the CCP. As authoritarian controls metastasize throughout the economy, everyone suffers.” ~Doug Bandow

America Can’t Afford Bidenomics

“The euphoria surrounding the January 2024 jobs report is misplaced. Policymakers should heed these warning signs and enact meaningful reforms to address root causes.” ~Vance Ginn

Two Kinds of Transitory Inflation

“Team Transitory’s narrative just doesn’t cohere. Whether we’re trying to explain the Great Inflation of the 1970s and early 1980s, or the inflation of the past two years, we need to rely on demand-side mechanisms.” ~Alexander W. Salter