Don’t Expand Deposit Insurance. Abolish It!

“Deposit insurance creates perverse incentives that weaken market discipline and encourage excessive risk-taking. Expanding deposit insurance will only make these problems worse.” ~ Bryan P. Cutsinger

– April 1, 2023

Inflation Slowed in February, But Remained High

“Recent experience should prompt calls for the Fed to adopt a symmetric average inflation target when it reevaluates its mandate in 2024 and 2025.” ~ William J. Luther

– April 1, 2023

Can We Stop Bleeding the Taxpayers to Cover Unpaid Student Loans?

“Irresponsible student lending has cost the US a great deal already. It is time to stop the bleeding by saying to colleges, ‘If you want to receive federal student aid money, you’ll have to stand behind the loans.'” ~ George Leef

– March 31, 2023

John Cowperthwaite: An Underappreciated Champion of Economic Development?

“This nuance, while it may dampen any classical liberal’s affection for John Cowperthwaite, should only reinforce one’s commitment to the principles of a free society as instruments of development and progress.” ~ Vincent Geloso

– March 31, 2023

Let’s Cut the Budget Nonsense

“The Biden administration’s goal seems to be to spend lots of money on new unnecessary programs or failing existing programs, and to pay for it with yet more debt and with novel taxes likely to fall more heavily on middle class Americans and small businesses than on big corporations or the rich.” ~ Robert E. Wright

– March 30, 2023

Signs of Hope

“The happy reality that entrepreneurship and bourgeois commerce continue to flourish was driven home to me by my rather unremarkable remodeling project. I have reason for optimism.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– March 30, 2023

Politics, Not Markets, Makes Banking Unstable

“Banking reform should rank high on our list of policy priorities, but moving away from fractional reserves shouldn’t be a part of the conversation.” ~ Alexander William Salter

– March 29, 2023

Lessons from the Phillips Curve

“The exploration of the Phillips Curve has taken many different paths and yet somehow ended up in the same place. The world could have been spared much of this meandering with a more firm grounding in what theory does and does not tell us.” ~ Joshua R. Hendrickson

– March 29, 2023

Why Progressive Taxes Are Especially Harmful to Productivity and Harm the Poor

“‘Progressive’ taxes impose a particularly strong disincentive for more productive work. Depriving the economy of greater productivity curtails the alleviation of poverty, and as a result disproportionately harms the poor.” ~ Brian Balfour

– March 28, 2023

How Does a Region Rust Away?

“Where people cannot get jobs or find homes, they pick up and leave. Where they find homes and jobs, they stay. This is not an excuse for complacency. Many of the policies that drove industrious work away from the Rust Belt remain politically popular at a national level.” ~ David Gillette & Thaddeus C. Meadows

– March 28, 2023


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