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Why is Baby Formula Kept Under Lock and Key?

“Patent restrictions, a deliberate oligopoly, protectionist tariffs, and the highest inflation in four decades have resulted in an extremely expensive product at the end of a frangible production process and supply chain.” ~Peter C. Earle

Inflation was Worse than We Thought

“Although Fed officials were late to tighten monetary policy, their efforts over the last year appear to have worked. The risk today is that monetary policy is too tight—and will remain so for too long.” ~William J. Luther

How Crazy Do You Have to Be to Support Dollarization?

“The whole reason why it is an advantage for a developing country to tie to a major country is that historically speaking the internal policies of developing countries have been very bad. US policy has been bad, but their policies have been far worse.” ~Nicolás Cachanosky

Wishful (Protectionist) Thinking 

“Specialization and productivity increase when the market’s size extends across national borders. But tariffs reduce the extent of the market and thereby reduce specialization.” ~Paul Mueller

Weighing Whether the Standard Scale Makes Sense

“Largely thoughtless adoption of a grading scale inherited from primary school can increase the emphasis on rote instead of reason at the university level.” ~Gary M. Galles

What Should the Federal Reserve Do Now?

“Inflation is running above 2 percent by any measure, and a current temporarily higher rate on short-term securities can reassure markets that the Federal Reserve is aiming at a lower inflation rate.” ~Gerald P. Dwyer