If the Russian Revolution Never Happened, Who Was Karl Marx?

“What if the Russian Revolution had never happened? Would anyone today even know who Karl Marx was?” ~ Phil Magness

– June 9, 2023

Politics as Self-Interest: Housing Is the Exception That Proves the Rule 

“The costs of NIMBYism hit renters, landowners, employers, and future generations hard. But of those groups, only landowners have the direct incentive to show up to support projects being built on their own land. ” ~ Jason Sorens

– June 9, 2023

Government Surveillance Injures the Innocent

“The asymmetry of the surveillance state belies its true purpose: to protect the government, not the people.” ~ Robert E. Wright

– June 8, 2023

James Lindsay and a Friendly Point of Criticism

“Marx should be seen as but one—historically salient, to be sure—irresponsible human indulging perennial mentalities and bents that deny modern realities.” ~ Daniel B. Klein

– June 8, 2023

Where Has All The Lending Gone?

“Will the traditional banking industry quell the quickening spirit of free banking, or will the growing demands for P2P lending services win out?” ~ David Gillette and Caroline Wright

– June 7, 2023

90 Years of New Deals

The intellectual progeny of the New Deal continue to surface in American economic and political discourse: the Fair Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society, the Freedom Agenda, Build Back Better, and others. But just as upon our 1933 inception we fiercely opposed their progenitor, ninety years later AIER remains every bit in the fight.

Are Historians Politically Biased?

“If there are strong signs of association between a President’s deficit spending and his rank, then we can speak more robustly as to whether historians are letting their political priors bleed into their research.” ~ Vincent Geloso

– June 7, 2023

The Trouble with Politics in Pop Culture

“With massive audiences and considerable influence, these networks and productions are responsible for the misinformation they distribute.” ~ Blake Ball 

– June 6, 2023

Economic Growth Theories Fall into the Dustbin of History (And That’s Okay)

“So, while prominent economists were spinning their unsatisfying theories and lamenting the vicious cycle of poverty, the world got better—on its own.” ~ Jane Shaw Stroup

– June 6, 2023

Wealth Taxes: The Tale of “Tuh”

“Wealth taxes are premised on the idea that since security services make wealth more valuable, the wealthy have to pay a share of the value ‘created’ by the state. But that’s ridiculous.”

– June 5, 2023


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