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A Short Guide to ESG: Goals

“ESG goals are not primarily about shareholder value and enterprise value. The goals are often counter to the interests of shareholders and large segments of society.” ~Paul Mueller

Business Conditions Monthly October 2023

“While we continue to impartially and vigilantly assess incoming data, our current analysis still points to a recession occurring before September 2024 as the most probable scenario.” ~Peter C. Earle

Let the Market, Not Government, Decide the Fate of EVs

“Both for equity and economic efficiency, government inducements to hasten the number of EVs or charging stations are a bad idea. Governments can better spend taxpayers’ monies. EVs have a promising future.” ~Kenneth W. Costello

What Might Have Been

“Wasteful uses of resources necessarily result in some economic opportunities that are possible being rendered impossible. What were these foregone opportunities?” ~Donald J. Boudreaux

Even More Ways to Cook The Benefit-Cost Analysis Books

“In disciplining our thinking to make better decisions, benefit-cost analysis also teaches those determined to mislead others how to do that better. Knowing how to do it ‘right’ also provides a template for how to be wrong in the desired direction.” ~Gary M. Galles

Frank Capra’s Timeless Vision of American Exceptionalism

“Each film contains a large dose of middle-American values magnified time and again against the traps and situations of a complicated impregnable bureaucratic world. And in each case, the little guy wins.” ~Will Sellers

Disinflation Dream Come True

“The Fed will probably keep the fed funds target range unchanged in December. Officials previously signaled additional tightening, but things have changed.” ~Alexander W. Salter

School Choice Can Promote Evasive Entrepreneurs

“Evasive entrepreneurs are having their moment. Education entrepreneurs and parents are working to find educational options for children outside of the highly regulated traditional public schools.” ~Angela Dills

Politicians Talk; Entrepreneurs and Scientists Do

“The worse the inability to get universal political agreement becomes, the better and more cost-efficient become the small-scale, positive-externality, science-based attempts at just doing the work.” ~Joakim Book