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Parity in Labor Transparency

“If workers are going to grant a labor union the extensive powers over them that federal law has authorized, workers should be able to know whether the ‘coworkers’ advocating the union are paid representatives of Big Labor. ” ~Michael Watson

Will Caitlin Clark Be Grossly Underpaid?

“There simply isn’t enough demand for seats at, merchandise related to, and streaming of women’s sports to support WNBA players at NBA salaries.” ~Art Carden

A Better Model Won’t Fix The Fed

“The whole point of expectations-responsive monetary policy is to remove the discretionary and technocratic elements from central banking. Disappointingly but unsurprisingly, the Fed is doing the opposite: doubling down on discretion and technocracy.” ~Alexander W. Salter

Why Even Insiders Underestimate Markets’ Power

“There tend to be more and better substitution possibilities known to both buyers and sellers than we recognize from the outside of those exchange relationships.” ~Gary M. Galles

Competition Can’t Be Perfect

“Since if something is perfect, it must be desirable, a new generation of attorneys is attempting a wholesale takeover of antitrust enforcement.” ~Michael Munger

Breaking the Shackles of Socialism in Africa 

“A new generation of Africans (Wade labels them the Cheetah Generation) are rejecting socialism and embracing entrepreneurship and markets as the path to human flourishing.” ~Marcus Witcher

Business Conditions Monthly February 2024

“Amidst mixed economic data reminiscent of most of the past two years, there are pockets of strength which are nevertheless overshadowed by inflation concerns and speculation regarding monetary policy actions in the coming quarter or two.” ~Peter C. Earle

Elon’s X Marks the Spot in Brazil

“Brazil is facing its greatest struggle for freedom of speech since the end of the military regime… Freedom of speech has been effectively limited without due process, and contrary to the Constitution.” ~Ricardo Gomes

Why Haven’t We Whipped Inflation Yet?

“The best we can do is recalibrate models when we get new data. But that’s like driving the car while looking out the rearview window…hardly ideal for knowing how to adjust your steering.” ~Alexander W. Salter