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Weighing Whether the Standard Scale Makes Sense

“Largely thoughtless adoption of a grading scale inherited from primary school can increase the emphasis on rote instead of reason at the university level.” ~Gary M. Galles

What Should the Federal Reserve Do Now?

“Inflation is running above 2 percent by any measure, and a current temporarily higher rate on short-term securities can reassure markets that the Federal Reserve is aiming at a lower inflation rate.” ~Gerald P. Dwyer

Another Rate Hike? Let’s Not

“Interest rate and liquidity data point to the same conclusion: monetary policy is sufficiently tight. Further tightening could cause a painful economic contraction.” ~Alexander W. Salter

How To Be Accidentally Right, Central Banking Style

“Money is broken, and while these activists might not be able to explain how, they’re not wrong in pointing their fingers at the monetary authority at the center of it all.” ~Joakim Book

Taxation as Social Justice

“The goal is not to raise revenue so we can support the poor; instead, the US is pursuing the simpler goal of eliminating private concentrations of wealth.” ~Michael Munger